Sunday, May 5, 2013

Give Yourself Credit!

Why is it we are so quick to point out to ourselves the things we are doing wrong, and we don't really give credit to ourselves for the things we are doing right?   Would you sit there and constantly point out to your friend how she's/he's doing this and that wrong?  Or would you give her/him credit when you notice that they've done something right in accomplishing their goal?  And when they do make mistakes are you going to sit there and tell them what a failure they are, how they just can't do anything right, and how they should just give up on their goals because they're never going to accomplish them...... EXACTLY, I DIDN'T THINK SO!
So why is it so easy for us to bash ourselves.  Why do we harbor these negative thoughts in our heads about ourselves?  And then to top it off, we often project them onto people. Joking about how fat we are, ugly we are, or how we just can't seem to get something right.
And another thing, why is it so hard to take a compliment?  For example when someone tells you that you look good . Why can't we own that? Instead of saying "yeah right, I've gained weight".  It's time to give yourself some credit.  It's time to stop being so mean and nasty to yourself.  Its time to love, encourage, and accept, and RESPECT yourself!
Break that cycle of self sabotage & abuse and work on positively reinforcing yourself. Through that you will find the strength to dust yourself off when you fall.  Instead of bashing yourself when you make a mistake, give yourself credit for what you did do right!
This is something that is so easier said than done.  But it's possible, and it's the way to live a happier and healthier life.   We are all going to have our ups and downs.   Why not make the downs a little more easier, by being easier & nicer to yourself.
I have been actively working on this.  And right now I am feeling so good about things, about life, about myself.   As you know, if you've been following my blog, I've been working on training for a Half Marathon that I have in June.  And I am so happy with my progress thus far.  I am patting myself on the back for sticking to the plan, and getting my miles in.   I may not be eating exactly the way I should, but I'm not going to bash myself on that, I'm just going to make myself aware, and work on correcting it.   Today is the last day of week one training, and I feel amazing.    Would you believe that I have already beat a personal best in my running!?
 Not only have I done that, but I am also actively tackling a bigger health issue, and that's quitting smoking!   Yes, shocker to some of you that know me, bet you didn't know I was a smoker!  Its true, I WAS... But I am on day four of not smoking, and I feel wonderful!  And I am going to brag to the world on how great it feels to breathe properly when I run, to not be winded when I climb the stairs to my bedroom.  I feel AMAZING.   I even ran 3mi straight through yesterday!  I have NEVER done that, and that's because I was always smoking!
My friends would laugh at me.  We'd finish a 5k,10k, half marathon, and there was Jessica, lighting up at the car right after.  I'm floating on air thinking about how well I'm going to do this summer, smoke free and active!  All the records I'm going to break in my runs, the weight I'm going to drop, and most importantly, the quality and lifespan of my life that I am improving.
So who cares that my eating isn't top dog,  my health is improving, and that too will improve as I push through these trainings and continue my journey in my healthier lifestyle.

How do you talk to yourself or others about yourself?  How will you work on being more positive about how you feel?

5/2/2013- CROSS TRAINING DAY- Walked 4.78 mi in 1hr.23min. 572calories (also piggy-backed my 8yr old part of the way!)

5/3/2013- Goal: 2mi  Accomplished: 2.70mi, 30min, 405calories and made a personal best on a 9.46mpm! ALSO RAN STRAIGHT THROUGH!

5/4/2013- Goal 3mi  Accomplished 3.44mi, 40min,513cals  RAN STRAIGHT THROUGH!

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