Monday, May 20, 2013

Life & It's Stress .... How do you handle it?

Hello!  It's been a little since I've found the time to sit down and gather my thoughts.  There's a lot going on in my personal life right now.  As we all know, life has it's stressful moments.   There are times in life where when it rains, it pours.  That's currently where I'm at right now.  But I have my umbrella keeping me dry, and that umbrella, believe it or not, is my Running.
Currently we are in the process of moving my Grandmother into an assisted living apartment.  This process has and continues to be very stressful  for my family and I.  Tempers are rising, people are arguing, and people are just being plain difficult.  It's a very emotional process, as it's hard to accept that someone is at that point in their life.  For me, it makes the inevitable of passing on seem way to close around the corner.   My grandmother raised me, so she is more of a "mother" to me.  I love her with all my heart, and I just want what's best for her.  I am praying that this is the right thing for her, and that she will find happiness in her new surroundings.
On top of the emotions surrounding my grandmothers future,  there's a separate feud going on with a sibling.  Well I guess you could call it a "one sided" feud, because I for one am not putting any further energy, thought or emotion into it.  That may sound harsh, but if you knew the full background, I'm sure you'd understand.
There comes a point in life when you have to realize what's worth fighting about and what's not.  You know the whole "pick and choose your battles".    The "battle" in this instance, is not one that my energy needs to be used on right now.   And of course, there's just life's general stresses, work, kids, chores, responsibilities, bills, etc, that already wear us down to a point.
Everyone has stress in their lives, and there are times when it magnifies and we find ourselves drowning.   That's when you have to reach down and find that inner strength to cope. If you don't have the strength you will drive yourself nuts!   I have found my coping with my running.  I have been running consistently now at 5-6 days a week.  Along with that physical activity, the beautiful weather, and my "therapist" running partner, Gabi,  I have been able to fair through these emotional times with more energy, clearer mind, sanity, and better then I would have ever before.
I know for a fact, that if I wasn't out there running, I'd be an more emotional, hot tempered, and an absolute crab!    Not to mention, I'd probably be smoking full time again!  Through my running, I've been able to continue on with my quitting!  It feels amazing!
By releasing my stress in my Runs, I've been able to reach even more personal bests, run longer distances, and conquer new challenges.  It's such a great motivator! I'm not recommending you make stressful situations for motivation, but more making the point that you can use your stress to better yourself.  Make the stress "worth it".   It's a method of taking what would normally be negative, and turning it into a positive outcome.

So I ask you, How do you cope with your stresses?  What methods have you found beneficial to getting through the tougher times?   What is your outlet?  
If you haven't found an outlet, I encourage you to.  I'm telling you, it helps!

**Training Stats**
5/9- Goal: Xtrain-  Accomplished: Walked 2.36mi,  41min, 337calories
5/10- Goal Run 3mi  Accomplished: Ran 3.50mi, 37min, 597cals
5/11- Goal Run 2mi  Accomplished Ran 2.02mi,21min, 344cals 
5/12- Swapped for Monday's rest day due to Mother's Day
5/13- Goal Run 3.75mi  Accomplished: Ran 3.77mi, 39min, 641 cals
5/14- Goal Run 2 mi Accomplished: Ran 2.02mi, 21min, 344cals
5/15- Goal Run 3.75mi Accomplished Ran 3.76mi, 42min, 644cals,  Also walked 1.24mi, 18min, 165cals
5/16- xtraining or rest-  Opted to rest
5/17- Goal 2mi Run, Accomplished 2.01mi, 21min, 344cals
5/18 goal 3.50mi Run Accomplished 1.76mi, 21min, 304 cals  (time constraints)
5/19- Goal Run 4mi Accomplished 4.01mi, 47min, 691 cals
5/20- Rest Day!


  1. I'm so jealous of runners. My ortho said it would be too hard on my knees & rebuilt tibia .... but he did say my bike was okay so that's my thing. I've been neglecting it too much lately but I'm hoping that will change soon.

  2. Hope your Grandma is settling in to her new place and that things are better with relations of your family members! I am finding that exercise and lots of sex have helped me with my stress relief! Love ya lady! XOXO