Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Truth Vs. Excuse

There is a fine line between telling the truth or telling and excuse.  Often times we make plans to do something, and when the time comes we don't feel doing it.  So we say "It's too cold, I'm too tired, It's raining, etc.."    Is that the truth?  Or is that an attempt of a believable excuse you are giving to get out of the obligation.
Today I had the perfect opportunity to get out of my run with Gabi.  Truth is I woke up with a massive headache and my legs hurt from our run yesterday.  It would have been so easy for me to excuse myself from my run and tell Gabi that I just wasn't feeling well, which was truthful.  But what would have made it an excuse is I knew damn well I was still capable of meeting my obligation.  
We make excuses when we just feel like being lazy or when we just don't have the motivation to follow through.  Don't we realize how we are selling ourselves short by doing that?  Not to mention the people along the way we may hurt, when excuses become so frequent?   Why make the plans at all anyway if you have no intention of being fully committed? It's so easy to fall into excuse mode.  We have all done it, and may still do it in aspects of our lives.  But I ask you, how is that any way to live?  
Living your life through excuses robs you of accomplishing goals, experiencing things and maybe even friendships.  Don't sell yourself short.  Make your goals, make a plan and execute it.  Put fear aside and live your life the way you want to and without regret.
Do you find yourself getting stuck on excuses?  What will you do the change that?  

***Training Stats***
3.67 mi,  50 min,  593 calories burned! (Goal 3mi)

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