Monday, April 22, 2013

Cheering for You!

I have always enjoyed motivating people and helping them achieve their goals.  It's something that brings me great joy, and something that people need and enjoy.
For the past couple years I have been focusing more on my life and my lifestyle.  I have been challenging myself with many different fitness & health activities.  This includes but is not limited to running various races (5k, 10k's,1/4 marathons), Climb to the Top Charity events, Weight Watchers, Spark people, Dietbet, etc.   Through this journey I have made many friends and created very special bonds.
Completing these various activities is great, but my favorite part of it all, is motivating my friends to do the same.  I find such great joy, love, and gratification knowing that I have made a slight difference in someones life, by helping them see that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.
With that said, I would like to dedicate this blog to my friends and any new friends that want to read it.  I will post motivating pictures and commentary.  I encourage you to get involved and post comments.  This blog isn't just my therapy, but a place where you too can express your words, thoughts, etc.
I will always be up for topic suggestions if there are things you'd like to discuss, you can just email me personally.   You may see this blog taking direction towards certain topics, depending on what challenges I have going at the time.   Right now, I am involved in a dietbet.  The main focus of this current challenge is self love and body acceptance.  So that will be one of the first posts I make.  I hope that you will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy making it.  And I look forward to hearing your feedback.
Here's to many good conversations, challenges and posts to come!


  1. Thank you for including me! I always welcome motivation :-)

    1. Of course! Don't forget to subscribe to the blog so you get the new posts in your email! xo

  2. Love this!!! I shared it on Facebook! I can use all the motivation and help I can get! XOXO