Thursday, April 25, 2013

Passion & Pain

Isn't it funny how we may have such a passion for something, and yet it seems to be the biggest pain to commit to?  For example, I LOVE running.  I enjoy the time to my self, lost in the beauty of the outdoors, not a care in mind. But it seems like it's such a pain to get back into the swing of things and to get back out there on the pavement.  When the day comes that I say I'm going to start my running again, I find that I'm exhausted, I don't have the energy or the motivation to get out there and RUN.  I can find any and all excuses as to why I can't go that day.  
This ties into my last post on turning Cant's into Can's, and making a plan!  My friend Amanda and I (pictured below) have ran many races together.  We've accomplished 5k's, 10k's and Quarter Marathons!  She truly is the best running partner a girl can ask for!  

Amanda and I at our last Quarter Marathon 2012

We've both signed up for a Quarter Marathon this year, and I just looked at my calendar and it's 8 weeks away!
  I think, actually I know, the last time I ran was in October when we raced a 5k benefiting victims and  promoting awareness of domestic violence.  I hadn't prepared for that race, and I was dying.  And here I am 8 weeks out to a race that is double and then some in distance. With that said, I am going to publicly announce that I am going to turn my cant's into cans and start my race plan!  Because I can get my butt out there, and I can commit to a plan, and I will!
I have 8 weeks to get myself prepared for my 6.55mi race that will happen on June 23rd!  I will use a 8 week 10K (6.2mi) program to train by.  
I don't care if it's raining, snowing (hopefully we are done with that), or blistering hot, I am going to commit and MAKE THE TIME to complete my training.  Not only will this help me prepare for my race, but being physically active will help me battle all those demons of always being tired and unmotivated. 
I will push through the pain and rekindle my passion.  I am super excited to get started and even more excited that I will have enough time to properly train.   
There is no reason that I cannot do this other than my own choice not to.  And I choose to give it my all.  I will keep you informed on my progress and struggles.  My plan starts Monday, and I'm already happy because it's a rest day! ha!
What is your passion?  What is holding you back from acting upon it?  Are you living out your passion?  How do you find the motivation to keep pushing forward?


Last night while going through my calendar, I realized that I mixed up some dates!  My Quarter Marathon is the 15th!  Not the 23rd!  Which means, I'm a week behind schedule!  Time to get moving!  Stay tuned, I'll be posting my plan shortly!

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