Monday, April 22, 2013

Does My Butt look big in this?

If you know me, and if you ever gotten ready with me to go out, then you've heard me say that a million times!  What is supposed to be one of my biggest ASSets, is one my biggest complaints.  My whole life I have complained about my butt and how big it is.  And my whole life people have told me I should embrace it.  Even with songs praising booties like "Baby got Back" or seeing padded underwear to give woman a butt, I just couldn't accept it.   But that's going to change!  I am no longer going to be a slave to my negative thoughts, and I am no longer going to bring emphasis to what I view as my faults.
Why is it that we focus on what we perceive as ugly, and not focus on our beauty?  We get so caught up in what we think we should look like and be like, that we have blinded ourselves to our own Beauty.
Here is a link to a video that my friend Andrea shared with me .   This video truly opens your eyes and lets you see that the things we nit pick about in regards to our beauty, are things that people we encounter do not see.
YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU THINK!   The sooner you know & Believe that, the sooner you will find more happiness.
Below is a Body Pledge that I came across.  Do you accept this pledge?
This isn't something that will happen overnight, this is something that we need to work towards. Put forth the effort in loving yourself and your body.  This is the only body we were gifted.  Love it, nurture it, embrace it. Because you are beautiful and worth it.

If you accept this pledge post a comment below.  Share with us what you're going to do to show your body how much you love and appreciate it!

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