Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love & Support

Everyone needs Love and Support in their lives.   With these two components anything and everything is possible to achieve.   It's through Love and Support that we get through the hard times, enjoy the good times, and are motivated to experience and do more.  
Feeling Loved and Supported brings you strength, perseverance, and motivation to accomplish goals and live  a life full of meaning without regret.
Love and Support comes in many different forms and from many different people in your lives.   I know that I am loved and supported by my family.  Without them I couldn't have made it through many trials in my life. Without the love and support from my boyfriend, I wouldn't have had the courage to make a change in my career and advance into a field that I absolutely love.  With out the love and support of my family I couldn't have raised the beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful daughter that I have. 
Currently I am putting more focus on my health both physically and mentally.  I'm trying to lessen the effects of stress in my life by becoming more physically fit, eating right, and taking care of myself.  It's a process, but it's a process that I, and  many others are attempting.  Currently my main focus is my running.  I am working on training for that race, and working on getting myself back into to the habit.   It took me a long time to get out there again, and I want to do a special shout out to the girl that was by my side today, hitting the pavement hard with me!  Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Miss Gabi!  Gabi is an inspiration.  She has been focusing on her health as well and has lost over 80lbs since she started her journey. She's been such a great support in helping me along the way.  Through her love and support I never gave up.  Through her successes, I've found motivation.  
It means the world to me that she's running along side me as I train for this race.  Both of us going out there, running, sharing the moment and the runner's high after it's over is something that I will cherish.
It's great when you have someone who's focused on the same goals as you.  Someone you can share it with, someone that will hold you accountable and call you out on your excuses.  And trust me, Gabi will not hold back if she thinks I'm being naughty and lazy!   So thanks Gabi!  Thanks for doing this with me and thanks for your love and support!
Gabi & I October 2012 (the last time I ran, well up until today!)

I am blessed with many great people in my life.  I'm sure you will read more and more about people as I continue this blog.  Who is an inspiration in your life?  Who Loves and Supports you?  

Training Update
Today was my first run day.  Overall I got in 2.49mi and burned 493 calories.  Goal for today was 2mi! you can follow me on myfitnesspal (jessmarie1023) or Edmondo (jessica.jakubiak@gmail.com)

Monday, April 29, 2013

What about you?

          I encourage you to sit back and reflect on when the last time was that you did something for yourself.  When was the last time you put yourself first and other demands and people second?
        As we get older our responsibilities and demands increase and change.  All too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that we put our needs to the wayside.
            It's time to reclaim yourself.  It's time to realize that your needs are just as important if not more, to the duties and responsibilities you have.
I lead a very busy life.  I work a full time job, have 3 kids, a man, and 2 dogs to take care of.  Being the female head of the house, I find myself often making sure everyone else and things  is taken care of before my own needs.   I know that when you make the commitment of having children, our needs and wants are put aside.  It's just second nature to nurture them and take care of them.  However we have to remember that our health , both mental and physical is extremely important.  How do you expect to take care of your family or responsibilities if you aren't taking care of yourself.  What good will you be for them, when your body gives out?
That is why we need to prioritize better.  Truly evaluate what's important.   Is taking a half hour or hour of your day to go for a walk to clear your mind or read a book really going to cause a huge issue?  Probably not.   I think that we are just so tired from running around taking care of everything else, our energy is just zapped.
That is why I decided to really take my health seriously and put it into action.   I know that when I am eating right and exercising I feel better.  I will gain more energy, be rested, and ready to tackle my other responsibilities full on.   Not only will I  be healthier physically by taking this time to myself, but the mental benefits will be amazing as well.
I often find myself extremely stressed.  With working full time third shift and trying to run a household during the day, my sleeping habits are not very good.  I am always tired and can become extremely cranky.  I become snappish and the littlest things can set me off.    Enough of that!  It's time to take control, and put my needs first.
It may sound selfish, but it's not.   If you take the time to take care of yourself, your new positive attitude will radiate and  project onto your family and friends.
If you're crabby, sick or tired all the time, do you think they want to be around you?  Do you think you are doing them any good?
       Do yourself and your family/friends/coworkers some good and start taking care of yourself!
It's easier said than done, that I know for sure.  And this is not something that will happen overnight, considering this is the lifestyle you've probably been living for awhile.  But it is possible!
       My first step in doing something for myself is getting back into my running.  When I was running daily I felt great!  I felt good, I looked good, and I enjoyed it.   It was my time, all by myself, letting my mind wonder, taking in the beauty of the outdoors.  Just breathing in the fresh air and knowing that at that time and place I had no cares, no worries, just complete solitude to regroup and refresh my body and mind.
Today marks the first day of my training for my race.  It happened to be a "rest" day, but tomorrow I pound pavement for the first time in a long time. I'm really excited!  I will get a good nights rest tonight and be ready for tomorrow.  No excuses!  Time to take control back and take care of myself!

What are you going to do for yourself?  Maybe read that book you bought that's collecting dust on the bookshelf?  Or maybe take a long hot bath with great smelling candles?!  Whatever it is remember you are the most important thing in your life.  Your family and friends need and want you at your best!  Enjoy yourself because YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Goal or Plan?

The hardest thing I think is putting a plan into motion.  So many times we say "tomorrow" or "Monday"  How many tomorrows/Mondays have come and gone?  It's time to put that plan into motion and make the magic happen!  
I find that if you JUST DO IT like Nike tells you, you'll find it gets easier and easier to continue and keep you plan in motion.  It will take a lot of dedication and motivation to keep going before it becomes a routine and not such a chore.
And I'm not just talking about fitness, this applies to all aspects of life.  
Planning is a big part of success.  In a Weight Watcher's meeting my leader said to us "He who fails to plan, plans to fail."   She couldn't have been more right.  Without a plan, you are going into something blindly.  Without a plan you don't know where you are going and you cannot adjust to what may be thrown your way. 
I am not wishing anymore, I have a goal.  My goal is to RUN my race in June, and with my goal, I have a plan.

This marks the first week of training my for my Quarter Marathon!   The first week's plan will start officially tomorrow Monday (29th), and end on Sunday (5th).  The plan for this week is as follows:

Week 1*

  • Monday - Rest. Rest is an important part of any training program.

  • Tuesday - Run 2 miles easy. Run at an easy “conversational” pace.

  • Wednesday - Run 3 miles easy. Run at an easy pace.

  • Thursday - Rest or cross train. Rest or engage in a non-running activity.

  • Friday - Run 2 miles easy.

  • Saturday - Run 3 miles easy.

  • Sunday - Run 3.25 miles easy.

    Since I was in the middle of my 30 day shred video I am going to use that as my cross training on Thursday.  That will make me active 6 out of 7 days.   I will use my endomondo account to calculate my distance & pace, and my Polar Heart Rate monitor to calculate my calorie burn.  You can view my runs and information on either endomondo or myfitnesspal (jessmarie1023) where I will be tracking it all.   I welcome all and any support as motivation is key in keeping the fires burning!
    I also welcome anyone that wants to do the program with me! The more, the merrier!

    What wish are you going to turn into a goal?  What is your plan for this goal? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Passion & Pain

Isn't it funny how we may have such a passion for something, and yet it seems to be the biggest pain to commit to?  For example, I LOVE running.  I enjoy the time to my self, lost in the beauty of the outdoors, not a care in mind. But it seems like it's such a pain to get back into the swing of things and to get back out there on the pavement.  When the day comes that I say I'm going to start my running again, I find that I'm exhausted, I don't have the energy or the motivation to get out there and RUN.  I can find any and all excuses as to why I can't go that day.  
This ties into my last post on turning Cant's into Can's, and making a plan!  My friend Amanda and I (pictured below) have ran many races together.  We've accomplished 5k's, 10k's and Quarter Marathons!  She truly is the best running partner a girl can ask for!  

Amanda and I at our last Quarter Marathon 2012

We've both signed up for a Quarter Marathon this year, and I just looked at my calendar and it's 8 weeks away!
  I think, actually I know, the last time I ran was in October when we raced a 5k benefiting victims and  promoting awareness of domestic violence.  I hadn't prepared for that race, and I was dying.  And here I am 8 weeks out to a race that is double and then some in distance. With that said, I am going to publicly announce that I am going to turn my cant's into cans and start my race plan!  Because I can get my butt out there, and I can commit to a plan, and I will!
I have 8 weeks to get myself prepared for my 6.55mi race that will happen on June 23rd!  I will use a 8 week 10K (6.2mi) program to train by.  
I don't care if it's raining, snowing (hopefully we are done with that), or blistering hot, I am going to commit and MAKE THE TIME to complete my training.  Not only will this help me prepare for my race, but being physically active will help me battle all those demons of always being tired and unmotivated. 
I will push through the pain and rekindle my passion.  I am super excited to get started and even more excited that I will have enough time to properly train.   
There is no reason that I cannot do this other than my own choice not to.  And I choose to give it my all.  I will keep you informed on my progress and struggles.  My plan starts Monday, and I'm already happy because it's a rest day! ha!
What is your passion?  What is holding you back from acting upon it?  Are you living out your passion?  How do you find the motivation to keep pushing forward?


Last night while going through my calendar, I realized that I mixed up some dates!  My Quarter Marathon is the 15th!  Not the 23rd!  Which means, I'm a week behind schedule!  Time to get moving!  Stay tuned, I'll be posting my plan shortly!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Does My Butt look big in this?

If you know me, and if you ever gotten ready with me to go out, then you've heard me say that a million times!  What is supposed to be one of my biggest ASSets, is one my biggest complaints.  My whole life I have complained about my butt and how big it is.  And my whole life people have told me I should embrace it.  Even with songs praising booties like "Baby got Back" or seeing padded underwear to give woman a butt, I just couldn't accept it.   But that's going to change!  I am no longer going to be a slave to my negative thoughts, and I am no longer going to bring emphasis to what I view as my faults.
Why is it that we focus on what we perceive as ugly, and not focus on our beauty?  We get so caught up in what we think we should look like and be like, that we have blinded ourselves to our own Beauty.
Here is a link to a video that my friend Andrea shared with me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpaOjMXyJGk&feature=youtube_gdata_player .   This video truly opens your eyes and lets you see that the things we nit pick about in regards to our beauty, are things that people we encounter do not see.
YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU THINK!   The sooner you know & Believe that, the sooner you will find more happiness.
Below is a Body Pledge that I came across.  Do you accept this pledge?
This isn't something that will happen overnight, this is something that we need to work towards. Put forth the effort in loving yourself and your body.  This is the only body we were gifted.  Love it, nurture it, embrace it. Because you are beautiful and worth it.

If you accept this pledge post a comment below.  Share with us what you're going to do to show your body how much you love and appreciate it!

Cheering for You!

I have always enjoyed motivating people and helping them achieve their goals.  It's something that brings me great joy, and something that people need and enjoy.
For the past couple years I have been focusing more on my life and my lifestyle.  I have been challenging myself with many different fitness & health activities.  This includes but is not limited to running various races (5k, 10k's,1/4 marathons), Climb to the Top Charity events, Weight Watchers, Spark people, Dietbet, etc.   Through this journey I have made many friends and created very special bonds.
Completing these various activities is great, but my favorite part of it all, is motivating my friends to do the same.  I find such great joy, love, and gratification knowing that I have made a slight difference in someones life, by helping them see that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.
With that said, I would like to dedicate this blog to my friends and any new friends that want to read it.  I will post motivating pictures and commentary.  I encourage you to get involved and post comments.  This blog isn't just my therapy, but a place where you too can express your words, thoughts, etc.
I will always be up for topic suggestions if there are things you'd like to discuss, you can just email me personally.   You may see this blog taking direction towards certain topics, depending on what challenges I have going at the time.   Right now, I am involved in a dietbet.  The main focus of this current challenge is self love and body acceptance.  So that will be one of the first posts I make.  I hope that you will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy making it.  And I look forward to hearing your feedback.
Here's to many good conversations, challenges and posts to come!